Music In Space

When I orbited the Earth in a spaceship,

I saw for the first time how beautiful our planet is.

Mankind, let us preserve and increase

this beauty, and not destroy it!

- Yuri Gagarin, Russian Cosmonaut

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During these challenging times

from the pandemic to the climate emergency, we all need to refresh our perspective and to find hope.

We just need a moment to reflect,

a moment to find a spark of optimism.

To give people a new perspective and renewed hope, we are sending a balloon into space while live-streaming the ascend to the music of Danish musician Bjørn Vidø.

We will work with ”The Overview Effect".

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We are sending a balloon into
space while LIVE streaming

the ascend to music!

Music In Space

Music in Space is a multi-artistic event, played live in a mix of the original music from Bjorn, local artists and

supported by powerful speeches of hope and optimism – Transmittet live into Space.

The rise of the balloon takes approx 90 minutes

to reach maximum height, and 90 minutes to come


The soundtrack to the event including concerts,

speeches and SoMe interaction,

will via satellites be transmitted into Space.

We will interact with the crowd on

Facebook / Instagram / SoMe, so it´s not a

one way show, but people can participate, and

get their personal message out in the Sky.



Copenhagen, Denmark

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Bridgetown, Barbados

25-27 Marts

South Africa


In Progress

Florida, USA

In Progress

Cairo, Egypt

Technique - How Do We Do It?

It´s pretty easy, but a lot of work…

1) Make some cool live music with local artist

2) Make a visually appealing show and

    a cool live event

3) Record it with nice cameras and sound

3) Attach cameras to the balloon

4) Send the audio to space via satellites

5) Upload the visuals with audio to SoMe

6) Make a film about it

7) Travel the world with the show.

8) Spead the message

9) Make everybody send in a video with their message             from space to Earth broadcasted on all SoMe.

Easy, right?

4 years later, we are finally doing it...

MIS_Opstilling v2.png

We have a GPS tracker onboard for 2 reasons:

1. The balloon can be tracked from the airport.

2. We can find it again.

As we don´t know where the wind will take it,

the show ends up with us going looking for it.

It can be a National television / SoMe event in itself since the location tracking will be public.

We might have to rent a boat, if it lands in the water.

Join Us

Be a part of the project.

Send a video, (max 1 minute)

with your message to the World. Then we will do our best to show it in the Stratosphere. (Upload below)

Upload Your Video!
Upload File

Thank you! We are sending your video into space 🚀 

A little bit about Bjørn


At the South Pole


Bjørn Vidø


Bjørn is a cutting edge artist, musician, film composer and sound designer with a speciality in sustainability.

The sound studio ”CPHsound Design” is in Copenhagen, but after Covid, he works remotely from anywhere in the world. Working with commercials, documentaries and feature films.


Bjørn is educated as a Sound Designer from the National film school of Denmark. A 2 year Master Practitioner education in NLP business psychology. An MBA in Business + Multi-instrumentalist educated at the preschool of the Royal Danish Academi of Music – DARK.


Multiple Award winner in Epica, Cannes, Denmark, LIA – New York, working on Oscar-nominated projects and much much more. 


4 years ago, Bjørn Vidø made a project on Antarctica. A concert for the penguins. It was transmitted globally.


Originally Bjørn started playing in Dansk Fløde.

A New York Inspired Punk Rock band.

The inspiration was Talking Heads, Ramones,

Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground.


It all started as a bit of a joke in 2004, but after 14 days, the first track was sold to a commercial. With financing for the album, soon after started Dansk Fløde playing in Japan, Guinea Bissau-Africa, New York, Berlin, London, Buenos Aires…


The music for this project is more like international Pop, with an edge.

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