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Lyrics / The Songbook

Music In Space

The Lyrics to the Music

by B.Vido/ J.Saabye

in alphabetic order
1 - Breathe
2- Flying High
3 - Gaia
4 - Lucky Man
5 - Party
6 - RockStar
7 - Save Me

I cant breath in n’ out as i could before
so i try to beat it - but i can’t no more
i - i can’t believe
i can’t believe
we’re burning down this house
with you and i, in it
the world is setting a-light into the night
it ain’t gonna be alright
as everything’s gonna be gone come tomorrow
enter daylight then in hindsight
it ain’t gonna be great sight
as everything gonna be gone come tomorrow
We can reach further out and do much more
and try to beat it - before we are no more

Flying Higher
guess i always remember us as lovers
guess i’ve always loved you the way that i do now
up till now - it’s been touch and go
i’ve grown to know what i wanna know
this is where it all ends and love begins
such i feel for you... feel for you...
such i feel for you
wanna fly higher higher higher
around the world with you
wanna fly higher higher higher
around the world with you
guess i always remember us as lovers
cause i’ve always loved you the way that i do now
anyhow - there’s been high and lows
we owe to show that we wanna grow
now i think this might be forever

oh Gaia, i do so miss her, kissing as lovers they do
i so miss the bliss of, go kissing her as no others do
but hell she is dying and i’m at fault so i’m told
and i so would be lying if i told you - she’s simply getting old
uncontrolled, she killed me cold
when she said goodnight - but... she’s on fire
i do admit it
i didn’t get it how
i do regret it
but i get it now
oh Gaia, deep inside my dreams, i ask her one last time
am i just a dreamer - please take me back as your lover and your friend

Lucky Man
i can say that my heartbeat slows to a downbeat
i do all i can to be a lucky man
i do pray that we start to evelove on an upbeat
i do all i can to be a lucky man
when the wind of heaven blows
and life is so beautiful
then it really starts to show
that we are simply suitable
and the more and more we share
the better the better we are care
we go go grow
and together we’ll be un-stopable
i can feel that the seeds start to grow from a lowbeat
let’s do all we can can to all be lucky men
i do pray we’ll be smart and shine on a highbeat
i do all i can to be a lucky man

could you believe me falling down from here
falling through the air with you standing there
could you believe me calling down from here
calling in the air saying out a prayer
would you disbeleive misbeleive
me being up here
could you ever see a record sleeve with me up here
now nothing really matters
nothing really matters now
i was going all night all nights
i was on a roll, a roll of rock’n roll
all i did was a party party party party - i know
now you believe me vanishing from there
sliding though the air with wind in my hair
and you see me in the strotosphere
a hologramic prayer - my face is everywhere

i will never say a word to judge my brother
you say soon
there won’t be no world and no colour
everything turns to grey - oh no no
forgive and let go oh - let it go
i did my best
can you believe it
that im a rockstar
above this earth
and i feel so blessed
that i went to archive it
that i took my guitar
to play this song - above the earth
never point a finger to blame another
you say soon
the night will fall - fall forever
everything will dry out - and - oh oh
we’ll settle for less i know, let it go, let it go
you’re a rockstar
just believe it
so blessed
above this earth
take your guitar
go archive it
and play your song
above the earth - above the earth

late at night
hear it calling
a silent scream
a distant warning
can somebody help
ease the pain
go to protect
or share the blame
save me
why don’t you come n’ save me
why do you go n’ betray me
in unexpected ways
i’m counting my days
take me
why don’t you come n’ take me
why don’t you go n’ embrace me
late at night
the storm is coming
a final scream
a distant warning


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