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A little bit about Bjorn


Bjorn Vido ...(or "Bjørn Vidø" in Danish)


Bjorn is a cutting edge artist, musician, film composer and sound designer with a speciality in sustainability.

The office is in Copenhagen, but he works remotely from anywhere in the world. Working with commercials, documentaries and feature films.

Bjørn is educated as a Sound Designer from the National film school of Denmark. A 2 year Master Practitioner education in NLP business psychology. An MBA in Business + Multi-instrumentalist educated at the preschool of the Royal Danish Academi of Music – DARK.

Multiple Award winner in Epica, Cannes, Denmark, LIA – New York, working on Oscar-nominated projects and much much more. 

At the South Pole


4 few years ago, Bjorn Vido made a project on Antarctica.

A concert for the penguins. It was transmitted globally.

Before this project, Bjorn had A New York Inspired Punk Rock band - Dansk Fløde.

(Danish Creme in English or Crema Danesa in Spanish.)

The inspiration was Ramones,Talking Heads, Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground.

It all started as a bit of a joke in 2004, but after 14 days, the first track was sold to a commercial. With financing for the album, soon after started Dansk Fløde playing in Japan, Guinea Bissau-Africa, New York, Berlin, London, Buenos Aires…


The music for this project is more like international Pop,

with an edge, but especially live, you can still hear the guitar roaring.

BV Balloon first test.jpg

Jungle Concert in Guinea Bissau

The First Balloon Test In Denmark


Here´s a film I did some years ago. The new film about "Music in Space" will be a little bit in the same style.

I have been involved in the project from the beginning - Getting the idea, shooting as the Photographer, doing sound, sounddesign and music...please enjoy.

Genetic Me is a humorous and very human gateway into the rising science of who we are. Using wit and authenticity, this documentary film connects a deeply personal tale with frontier genetic research and provides new perspectives on the eternal question of: “How did I become me?”
The film tackles numerous themes for debate and is relevant for panel discussions, scientist talks and audience and student comments. This is the science you thought you would never understand finally made accessible and about to set you on a personal journey into the future.

     Rockstars by Accident.

     Dansk Fløde in Buenos Aires.

    The impossible concert.

    The Trip to the Southpole. The concert for the penguins.

    English Subtitles coming up soon.

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