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1st June 2021

Ready to change perspective? Our blue planet is in peril and urgent climate action is needed.

The global advocacy and arts platform Music in Space aims to take you on an out-of-body experience through music, art and powerful spoken words discovering the overview effect – the feeling astronauts get when they see Earth from space.


The multi-media platform invites you to take part and contribute your views on what’s needed, inspiring all of us to take that next step or to change perspective. This message of hope is sent into space reaching a satellite and broadcasting back to a high-altitude weather balloon floating into the stratosphere. While people’ voices for change are echoing from space the platform features environmental musical acts, leading artists and climate activists all adding to the multi-sensory experience. When you witness this tiny blue planet from above, you realize even your small actions matter.


Music in Space is created by Danish climate artist, Bjørn Vidø, who’s latest project was a live concert for the penguins at the South Pole as a metaphor for the collaboration needed to spark change. The project was featured globally across the news like CNN and many others.


The change journey was launched in Copenhagen, Denmark and continued to Barbados in the Caribbean the tour is aiming to reach millions across the globe as a positive inspiration for us to change our habits and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The next stop is in the US and you can be part of the change. 


Join now and send your message of hope and action into space. We can, if we dare to change perspective.


The initiator of Music in Space is Bjørn Vidø. Bjørn graduated as a Sound Designer at The National Film School of Denmark. He studied multiple instruments and singing at the Pre-School of the Conservatory. He’s also received an MBA and is Master Practitioner in NLP Business Psychology. Bjørn has been playing around the world with his American inspired, punk rock band “Dansk Fløde”, and his work as sound designer and film composer for movies and documentaries has been awarded globally by Epica, Cannes Lions, True Awards, Creative Circle and LIA New York. 


Bjørn’s last project was a concert for the penguins at the South Pole. The project went viral and was on CNN and other leading news channels. 

Follow the project on:

Facebook/Instagram: @MusicInSpaceBarbados

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