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About the Event

In this first red carpet dinner show of Music in Space in the Caribbean we present to you, beautiful music and food with an important message: We all should live our lives joyfully and sustainably and they - joy and sustainability - go together very well.  


When you arrive we welcome you with a drink and invite you to gather around the beach to join in the launch of the balloon which starts of the music in space event. When the balloon has started its journey you will be seated and we will serve you a 3-course dinner and a music show especially written for this project.  


Food and Beverage 

The ticket price includes the welcome drink, water? (maybe we can have Eco Sky water as a sponsor? Plus CHECK with Teresa) and the 3-course menu. On the evening itself you can decide if you want to purchase a special drink package or pay as you go for other drinks.

The dinner is a plate serviced set menu. Vegan and Pescatarian options can be pre-ordered. Please let us know if you or your guests have any food allergies 


The host of the event is Mishka Mctair


Bjørn Vidø - Vocals, Guitar

Kris Iris - Vocals

JJ Poulter- Vocals

Jeremy Goddard - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Mark Goddard - Guitar

Kris Clarke - Bass

Chad - Drums

Other entertainment:

Special  Guests will be announced in the week before the event


About the Project

Music in Space is going to play a concert in space for the environment

The broadcast will be done via a weather balloon that will be sent to the stratosphere. Via a Satellite 45,000 km height, the audio signal will be sent to the weather balloon 45 km height.

The idea is to create an overview effect. A phenomenon the astronauts get, when they look back at Earth from space. 


No borders. No countries. Just a little blue marble flying around alone. 


The project is supporting the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, and is a positive inspiration to work together to save the planet and the environment.



Looking forward to hearing from you,


Music In Space

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