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Technique - How Do We Do It?

It´s pretty easy, but a lot of work…

1) Make some cool live music with local artist

2) Make a visually appealing show and

    a cool live event

3) Record it with nice cameras and sound

3) Attach cameras to the balloon

4) Send the audio to space via satellites

5) Upload the visuals with audio to SoMe

6) Make a film about it

7) Travel the world with the show.

8) Spead the message

Easy, right?

4 years later, all this is finally happening...

MIS_Opstilling v2.png

What if...?

If the balloon explodes before the show is done…. Well…The show must go on, and we have secured, that you get the best show possible.

So, we will send a test balloons up in the sky some days earlier, testing the technique. If something should go wrong with the balloon of the event, we will use the footage from the testballoon.

No matter what, you will get the best live experience. Everything will be live or appear live.



We have a GPS tracker onboard for 2 reasons:

1. The balloon can be tracked from the airport.

2. We can find it again.

As we don´t know where the wind will take it,

the show ends up with us going looking for it.

It can be a National television / SoMe event in itself since the location tracking will be public.

We might have to rent a boat, if it lands in the water.

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